Offshore regulations

Van Kleef Engineering can provide your company assistance with the international, local and classification regulations for the offshore industry.

We can provide, update and review with Safety Cases and Written Schemes of Verification. Our expertise lies in HSE (UK sector), NORSOK (Norwegian sector) and SodM (Dutch sector) but also the Caspian and Mediterranean sea’s with their local regulations can be investigated.

The European Commission, which advises of the adoption of a political agreement on offshore legislation. The new legislation will take the form of a directive rather than a regulation which means that each European member state has to ‘benchmark’ their local regulations to the European directives/best practices.

EU-based companies operating outside the EU will have to comply with the directives as well!

Further more we can supply you with relevant case studies, PFEER (prevention of Fire and Explosion, and emergency response) regulations and all these mentioned above must be in line with your company management system.